Five things to do first before signing up for an online home business

If some credible Mr. X, the CEO of Company XYZ, offers you a genuine online home business opportunity with very large returns for a small amount of investment, and with only little skills, efforts, and time needed, would you refuse his offer? Silly question. I know I wouldn’t miss it. Sadly, the reality speaks differently, especially with regards to such offers on the Internet.

You’ve probably seen dozens, if not one or two, sponsored links in Google or Yahoo that stated something like along these lines: “Earn $300 by tonight, guaranteed” or “Work from home and earn $3000 a week”. They are indeed very tempting and the numbers of such advertisements increase with time. Why?

Many people, including I, desire to be wealthy. Nothing is wrong with that, but the more impatient we are to get there, then the more vulnerable we would be to these wolves in sheep’s costumes – or something like that. Additionally, as a mother, I prefer to work from home, and I know there are many more with the same preference. These wolves are smart enough to recognize that need, too.

Now, some of the “get-rich-quick” offers are probably legit and truly profitable. BUT before you sign up and pay a dime of your hard-earned or long-saved cash, here are five things you need to do first.

  1. Search for reports. Type in the individual’s or company’s name, if available, or the website address onto a search engine, add the word “scam” or “fraud”. Chances are someone might have had the experience dealing with that company and written a comprehensive report about it.
  2. Go to forums that aim to educate the public about internet scam. Publish your question there and get the answer from other forum goers. Example of such forums are and
  3. Go to Better Business Bureau. Use their search engine for their reports on the company you’re looking at. They might have a report or two.
  4. If you are receiving no definite answers from the above three attempts, get a good night sleep and sign up at a later time. Chances are your unconscious mind might give you some hints on what to do next. (I know, mentioning about the unconscious mind here opens a new can of worm. I will discuss about the topic in a later post. So stay tune!)
  5. Look for the alternatives before signing up. Doing so increases your awareness of other possibilities to make money, and probably saves you from becoming another statistics of online home business scam.

If you’ve gone through all five steps and are getting more convinced that the offer is not a scam – maybe, for example, instead of a ‘negative’ report you found only ‘positive’ ones, then it is likely it’s not a scam. But to get rich quick… Unless I win this Thursday’s lottery, then it’s all about being patient, putting in some effort, being proactive, and making a wiser and smarter decisions when it comes to business opportunity.

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