Recession is not always bad… for internet marketing, that is

The U.S. could be in recession.

“Great! There goes my chance to prosper in making money online…”

With the increasing prices on consumer goods, it’s usual for customer confidence to go the other direction. Down. Meaning, it is bad news for businesses – some, if not all.

Yet, reported on earlier this week (read the news here) recession can be good for internet marketing. A quote from the news:

Google recently reported a 42 percent jump in revenues (from marketing – added by author) in the first quarter of 2008 over the same period in 2007. Nearly half of the revenue came from the U.S. and the figures aren’t inflated by the acquisition of DoubleClick.

Whoa, isn’t that a relieve! But, how so?

Here’s the logic:

  1. Internet is winning audience over TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, and the like.
  2. Consumers usually tightening up their belts during recession.
  3. Chief of marketing of company XX must use the most effective channels to market their products.

Given those conditions, where would be best to get more paying customers? Let me give you hints: paid search, banner ads…

Get the picture?

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