When you make purchase(s) through this site, besides supporting eTrade Mom, a generous proportion will be used to fund a selected charity projects. Here are a list of organizations that eTrade Mom contributes to. However, if you would like to make the contribution directly, please visit the page, and sign up on site.

  • Children’s Cancer Research Fund. The organization aims to find a cure for children’s cancer through the advancement of research. Children, after all, are the future, and an effective treatment means hopeful leap into the future.

Funds raised as of May 30, 2008 = $0

  • Kiva. The organization specializes in eliminating poverty in developing country, by giving the opportunity for local entrepreneurs to succeed. The donation is given as a loan to a specific entrepreneur. Once the loan is repaid, it can be re-loaned to another entrepreneur.

Funds raised as of May 30, 2008 = $0

In addition, eTrade Mom is working to develop a small local community project. This project aims to support moms and dads, who reside on the north of the river suburbs to Perth, in Western Australia, and are planning to start their home business in internet marketing. The activities for this project will include setting up a small library with books on the subject of internet and internet marketing, free workshops, and supports. If you would like to find out about the progress of this project, subscribe to eTrade Mom by Email

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Note on sponsored links

When you go through eTrade Mom to make your purchase(s), a generous proportion of the generated revenue is used to support projects shown on Charity. In doing so, EVERY one wins!

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